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Downtown and Around offers incredibly competitive rates that help small enterprises get out to their audience.  Connect and let us know what you would like to do and we will do our best to help you get started!

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Females – 70%

Age Range: 35 – 65; Avg age range between 40 – 55


  • Lifestyle topics, travel, health, fashion, dining, art, living their best lives, how to take care of their inner and outer experiences, change of life and or lifestyle, looking and feeling their best.

  • Strong emphasis on skincare, health care and supplementation.


  • Avg. Annual Salary – $55K. 35% are single income.

  • Socio-economic class predominately in high administrative to professional positions.


  • Comfortable using online spaces, social media, smartphones.

  • A desire for ‘something more’.

  • Interested in gathering with like-minded others with a desire to move forward in life.

  • Personal growth and social awareness are high on their list of values.

  • A tendency to select brands based on intrinsic value and favour natural simplicity.


  • Emphasis on energy engaging activities; walking, hiking, gardening, travel, continuing education, book clubs, small business start-ups, fitness.

  • Creating eco-spaces; serene living conditions.

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